Two Screw Extruder Degas Agriculture Waste Pelletizing Machine With Presser Feeder

 Two Screw Extruder Degas Agriculture Waste Pelletizing Machine With Presser Feeder

Device overview

Single Screw with double cascade extruder is mainly used for processing rigid flakes, crushed flakes, regrind flakes, hollow container, buckets, Such as deskes, chairs, milk bottles, baskets and car parts together with agriculture waste film, woven bags, shopping bags.

The machine use presser feeder to feed the soft and rigid material into the extruder. So that it can save the power of the machine. The total granulation line combines quantitative feeding, high efficiency extruder,different types of filter and different types of pelletizer by modular design.

Application material and final products

waste PE film bags.jpg

Layout of the machine

film granulator without compactor.jpg

Parameter of such kinds machine


Screw diameter (MM)30456590100120160180200
Extruder speed (RPM)10~120
Capacity (kg)2~4010~4050~8080~150150~200250~400500~600800~10001000~1200


Screw diameter (MM)9090100100120120150150180180200200
Extruder speed (RPM)10~120
Capacity (kg)80~150150~250250~400400~600800~10001000~12000


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Machine details

convey to feeder.jpg

Belt conveyor

Feeder the flakes or film into the extruder evenly and stably. If there is metal in the material, customer can use a metal detecotor to check out the metal. When there is metal in the material, it will alarm and the belt will stop by itself. 

press feeder claw.jpg

Presser feeder

Special designed of claw in it. It can feed the film by pressure. This kind of feeding way can reduce the power of the machine.

extrusion under producting.jpg

Double stage extruder

Two extruder like mother and baby extruder, there is one vacuum on the mother extruder and between mother and baby extruder, there is a natual degassing. Two extruder with two degassing and two filter, can make good quality pellets. 

plate screen changer.jpg

Screen changer

The hydraulic screen changer will filter out and remove the impurities inside of the material. There are several types of screen changer: Single plate screen chager, round bar screen changer and laster filter. Customer can use any kind of screen according to the dirty of raw material and where you will use the final pellets. Also for safe, we can install a cover outside of the screen changer.

second step of extrusion.jpg

Pull strap pelletizing way 

Material come from the die and go into the water tank for cooling, There is rubber roller in the tank, material strap can be send into gale dryer to blower the water on its surface. Then the gale dryer will blower the water on the surface and pelletizer will cut the machine into pellets.

safty screw filter.jpg

Vertical water-ring pelletizing way 

Also we can use water-ring pelletizing way. Vertical or horizontal pelletizer are all possible. 

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