Co-rotating twin screw extrusion for filler masterbatch granules production line

Co-rotating twin screw extrusion for filler masterbatch granules production line

Device overview

Twin screw/double screw compounding extruder is specially designed for compounding PE (LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE), PP, TPE and Copolymers such as SBS,Color batches,Filler modified resin and additives ( UV protection Materials, Modified, EVA, black carbon granule, flame-retardant granule.

The machine has excellent mixing performance, good self-cleaning performance and flexible modular configuration characteristivs which make them suitable for processing different types of material.

Different kinds of side doser is used to feeder different kinds or types of material. There is also doser to weight the additives material to make up a prescription.  

Application material and final products

PP PE filler pellets.jpg

Layout of the machine

plastic masterbatch compound extruder.jpg

Parameter of such kinds machine


Screw diameter (MM)21.735.650.562.471.291
Extruder speed (RPM)600400400/600400/500500/600500/600
Main Motor Power (KW)411/1537/45


Capacity (KG)2~1010~8080~150250~400350~500800~1000


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Machine details

side feeder for color.jpg

Extruder with Feeder

With special design of combination for screw and element, the plastic and additives will be well melted, plasticized and compounded. With the vacuum degassing system, volatiles such as low molecular and moisture will be removed efficiency. Then the final granules can be widely used in various fields. Each kinds of feeders can feed different material or additives, like granules and powders.

side feeder for Caco3 powder.jpg

Sider feeder

Different designed of side feeder can feed all types of material, such as granules, powder and liquid. Mechanotronicas design, high accurately measure, stabillization feeding. Widely measure range.All process for material treatment is conducted in airproof environmenet, without rising dust.The side feeder can feed additives, masterbatch and so on.

corotating twin screw gearbox.jpg


Gearbox with Parallel tri-axial structure is combination of reduction and matrix. The gear is made of high quality alloy. It had been treated by cementation heat process, the precision grade can reach6th. It guarantees the tooth surface is high speed, overloading, low noise and high torque.

corotating twin screw blocks.jpg


Screw & elements: W6Mo5Cr4V2 (6542#) high speed tool steel that had been treated by the vacuum hardening process with the hardness of the surface is HRC58-62.Molding through dedicated grinding machine. The cleanliness is much better than products out of traditional process.

corotating twin screw barrel.jpg


The barrel is made of 45#forged steel with the abrasion-resistant alloy 101 (Ni-Fe-Cr-W) inside that smooth and abrasion resistant. The hardness is HRC60-64. And each section of barrel has its won fuction

corotating twin screw extrusion.jpg

Screw and barrel

Screw installed line modularity according to different material character, so that the machine can work in good conditation for each kind of material.

noodles die face.jpg

Screen changer and the die

The hydraulic screen changer will filter out and remove the impurities inside of the material. There are several types of screen changer: Single plate screen chager, round bar screen changer and laster filter. Customer can use any kind of screen according to the dirty of raw material and where you will use the final pellets. and the die we have pull strap, water-ring and underwater pelletizing way.

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