Waste Plastic Recyclage Polyethylene Polypropylene Extruder/extrusion Pelletizer

Waste Plastic Recyclage Polyethylene Polypropylene Extruder/extrusion Pelletizer

Device overview

Single Screw cascade extruder with strand Granulator is mainly used for processing rigid flakes, crushed flakes, regrind flakes, hollow container, buckets, Such as deskes, chairs, milk bottles, baskets and car parts. 

After crushed,washed and dried, then the plastic flakes need to be granuated by extruders. Finally hese granules can be further processed into various plastics products by blowing, injection and calendering. The total granulation line combines quantitative feeding, high efficiency extruder,different types of filter and different types of pelletizer by modular design.

This machine with 3 feeders, so that 3 kinds of material can be feeding into extrusion at one time or seperator without clean the feeders.It is much convenient to operate.

Application material and final products

recycle pp pe bottles.jpg

Layout of the machine

granulation layout for bottles.jpg

Parameter of such kinds machine


Screw diameter (MM)30456590100120160180200
Extruder speed (RPM)10~120
Capacity (kg)2~4010~4050~8080~150150~200250~400500~600800~10001000~1200


Screw diameter (MM)9090100100120120150150180180200200
Extruder speed (RPM)10~120
Capacity (kg)80~150150~250250~400400~600800~10001000~12000


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Machine details

screw loader for waste material.jpg

Three feeders

As a special design feeding way, Three feeders can Feeder different kinds of material into the extruder evenly and stably at a time or in different. Each feeder will be controlled by inverter.

single screw and barrel for waste plastic.jpg

Screw and barrel on extruder

Special designed by different material(screw and barrel), to plastify, heating different material, each material the temperature, screw design is different.And the material of screw and barrel is 38CrMoA1A, Nitrogen treatment or Bimetallic to keep the life of screw and barrel.

heater on extruder.jpgHeater on the extruder

Usually there are several zone on the extruder, each zone need heater, so we can use cast copper, cast Al aluminium, Ceramic heater, electricity heater, each heater has its own advantage or disadvantage. We will use the heater up to different material character.

screw changer for filter.jpg

Screen changer

The hydraulic screen changer will filter out and remove the impurities inside of the material. There are several types of screen changer: Single plate screen chager, round bar screen changer and laster filter. Customer can use any kind of screen according to the dirty of raw material and where you will use the final pellets.

laster filter for PP raffia.jpg

Laster filter

Laster filter we also called no mesh screen changer. It no need to change the mesh all the time, the cutter on the filler will clean the mesh by itself. So it can save much more material.

water granulation system.jpg

Vertical pelletizing way

We have horizontal water-ring pelletizing system, vertical water-ring pelletizing system, pull strap pelletizing way and under-water pelletizing system. This vertical pelletizing way can do both PP and PE together. And its special design will make the machine work more stability.

horizontal pelletizer.jpg

Horizontal pelletizing way

We have horizontal water-ring pelletizing system, vertical water-ring pelletizing system,pull strap pelletizing way and under-water pelletizing syste. We can design each way according to the requiremnts. In water-ring die-face cutting system, the rotary cutting blades will be pneumatically fit completely and closely to the die-face surface to ensure efficient cutting. Rotation speed of the blades is automatically adjusted by inverter according to melt pressure at the die face..

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