PE PP WPC Wooden Sawdust For Processing Granules Extrusion Granulator

PE PP WPC Wooden Sawdust For Processing Granules Extrusion Granulator

Device overview

PE PP WPC wooden sawdust for processing granules extrusion granulator, which can compounding wooden sawdust and plastic(wood plastic) to make granules. The composite pelletizing extrusion machine line compounding wood powder with plastic and other additives, then it can be used to make WPC floor, door, window sheet and other WPC profiles.

1.Twin screw and barrel with high quality alloy extrusion for pellet. each degassing with force press system, in order to press the wood go into the extruder.

2.Crusher can make the extrusion material which come out from the extruder into small granules.

3. WPC Wood plastic pelletizing machine is an efficient mixing and extrusion equipment. It consists of barrel and two intermeshing screws as the core component.It is also equipped with a feeding system , a crusher,  and  two transmission systems, and  a control system, to form a special extrusion granulation processing equipment.The screw and barrel adopt the building block design principle, so that during processing, the length of the barrel can be changed according to the characteristics of the material, and different combinations of screw elements can be selected, in order to achieve better working conditions and effectively adapt to various process requirements. Maximize its effectiveness. Because it has good mixing, dispersion, devolatilization and self-cleaning functions, it can avoid the material wrapping the shaft and forming walls during the extrusion process. At the same time, the material surface is constantly updated as the screw rotates, which is more conducive to Treatment of volatile matter removal/removal agent, high-speed dissolution.

Application material and final products

WPC granules to make floor roof board.jpg

Layout of the machine

wooden sawdust for processing granuleslayout.jpg

Parameter of such kinds machine


Screw diameter (MM)21.735.650.562.471.291
Extruder speed (RPM)600400400/600400/500500/600500/600
Main Motor Power (KW)411/1537/45


Capacity (KG)2~1010~8080~150250~400350~500800~1000


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Machine details

high speed mixer.jpg

High speed mixer

The motor directly drives the main shaft to rotate through the belt pulley and gearb box. The rotating blades with special shapes which is installed on the main shaft rotate accordingly. By the centrifugal force, the material rises along the tapered wall of the fixed mixing tank and is in a state of rotational motion which forming a swirling motion, Then it can mix materials with different densities evenly in a short time. This mixing efficiency is twice higher than that of a general mixer.

force press feeder.jpg

Extruder  Feeder

Special design of feeder, there are horizontal screw feeder and vertical screw feeder, they work together to feed the material into the extruder equally, in case any material will not go into the extruder.

pe wpc extrusion machine.jpg

Twin screw extruder

Make full use of the limited space to design a new progressive spline structure and mandrel. Ensure maximum carrying capacity and achieve highly regulated transmission

extruder infrared heater.jpg

Extruder infrared heater

The infrared energy-saving heater uses quartz tube heating elements to convert electrical energy into light and heat energy to radiate the extruder barrel. Because of its high thermal efficiency, fast heating speed, and good heat preservation performance, it is compared with traditional cast aluminum heating rings and ceramics. Heating rings and stainless steel heating rings have very good energy-saving effects.

Crusher with silo.jpg

Wind Transmission System with crusher

Material come out from the extruder, then they will be blowed into the crusher to make small granules.The screen net in the crusher can controlled the size, so that the final pellets can be controlled. Three or double wind transmission send the materila into the silo, meanwhile, it can cool the matreial by wind.

Wood plastic (WPC) extrusion line.jpg

Wood plastic (WPC) extrusion 

Parallel co-rotating twin-screw extruder, the screws are designed with building block principle. According to the processing material system and process formula requirements, the aspect ratio barrel structure, screw arrangement, module structure, exhaust quantity and location, feeding method, electrical control method, etc. All can be optimized and reasonably configured. Achieve multi-function and multi-purpose to adapt to processing advanced materials.

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