Pet bottles flakes galss recycling granulator machine plant

Pet bottles flakes galss recycling granulator machine plant

Device overview

This PET bottle flakes granulation machine has excellent performance,Special design of screw combination with special design gearbox, the machine won’t break IV too much, and customer also can add a Tackifier to improve the IV to confrim the quality of material.

The machine has excellent mixing performance, good self-cleaning performance and flexible modular configuration characteristivs which make them suitable for processing different types of material.

Different kinds of side doser is used to feeder different kinds or types of material. There is also doser to weight the additives material to make up a prescription.  

Application material and final products

PET regranules.jpg

Layout of the machine

PET bottles granulator process.jpg

Parameter of such kinds machine


Screw diameter (MM)21.735.650.562.471.291
Extruder speed (RPM)600400400/600400/500500/600500/600
Main Motor Power (KW)411/1537/45


Capacity (KG)2~1010~8080~150250~400350~500800~1000


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Machine details

PET flakes feeder.jpg


Feeder the material into the extruder evenly and stably. If people don’t use feeder, the extruder maybe choked in the mouth.

double screw core.jpg

Screw Elements with Core Axle

Screw & elements: W6Mo5Cr4V2 (6542#) high speed tool steel that had been treated by the vacuum hardening process with the hardness of the surface is HRC58-62.Molding through dedicated grinding machine. The cleanliness is much better than products out of traditional process.

Core axle: High quality alloy steel 40CrNiMo that with high tenacity and durability. It had been treated by the hardening and tempering process

double extrusion barrel.jpg


The barrel is made of 45#forged steel with the abrasion-resistant alloy 101 (Ni-Fe-Cr-W) inside that smooth and abrasion resistant. The hardness is HRC60-64. And each section of barrel has its won fuction.

bipolar vacuum vent.jpg

Bipolar Vacuum Pump

As we all know, PET need very good degassing, so it should use bipolar pump or Roots pump for degassing. In order that the PET granules will be with high quality.

roots vacuum vent.jpg

Roots Vacuum pump

Roots vacuum pump for degassing to make PET granules with high quality.

round bar filter.jpg

Screen Changer System

The hydraulic screen changer will filter out and remove the impurities inside of the material. It is profession designed for PET material, so that the material can continuous and steady outflow without break down.

PET pelletizer.jpg

Pelletizing System

Material come out from the die is like noodles, the pelletizer cut the material into pellets.There are several kinds of pelletizer, and different capacity the pelletizer power is different.

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