PET water juice bottles recycling washing machine

PET water juice bottles recycling washing machine

Device overview

With many years of technology R & D, our PET water juice bottles recycling washing machine can wash PET bottles much clean. It can take off most of label on the bottles and can make the final procuts much dryer. 

1. The whole line flowing is : conveyer belt - crusher - Screw loader - floating - screw loader - frication machine - Screw loader - dewater - screw loader - hot pipe dryer. 

2. The capacity can be supplized accroding to your requrement, such as : 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 800kg/h, 1000kg/h,1500kg/h, 2000kg/h

3. How many parts do you need is according to your require.such as floating ,you can use one set or two sets, and also three sets, this is up to how dirty of your raw material. Of courese, you can show us your raw material, we can design the much correct machine for you according to the material situation.

4. You can choose full automatic or half-automatic line.

5. We have SGS certifcation, past CE certifcation.

6. After drying the water content can reach 5-8% (according to the thickness of film)

Application material and final products

waste PET bottles flakes.jpg

Layout of the machine

pet bottles recycling machine layout.jpg

Parameter of such kinds machine

CapacityTotal power(kW)Labour requiredWater required(m³/h)


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Machine details

label remove machine.jpg

Label Separater Machine

It is used to remove the label. cap that on the bottles. And its remove rate more than 95%. It can with water and also can without water.

Sorting table by manual.jpg

Sorting Table

PET bottles on the belt, then people stand on the each side to seperator the bottles which is not good or which there is label still on it. So that few bottles with be with label. 

Vertical Water tank with screw charger.jpg

Vertical Water tank with screw charger

Washing bottle flakes, Remove chemicals and separate the labels, bottle cap off and other floating material as PP PE and Caustic Soda.

hot washer tank.jpg

Hot Washer

Connected to the steam boiler.Steam is brought to the heating pipe, for heating water and bottle flakes.Hot water makes the label separate from the bottle glue. At the same time you need to add the caustic soda and other cleaner to cleaning tank cleaning bottles.

Parallel friction cleaning.jpg

Parallel Friction Cleaning

Get rid of dirty waste and oil.

label seperator machine.jpg

Air Label Separator

Remove the light impurity as dust and label in PET flakes, to make the final pet flakes much clean.

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