Plastic Sand Compound Extruder To Make Roof And Pavement Bricks Paving Tile

Plastic Sand Compound Extruder To Make Roof And Pavement Bricks Paving Tile

Device overview

Mix sand with PVC and PP crushing extrusion to make block,Extruison and mixing unit from the machine to make block or bricks and to pave roads.

Material is mixed by mixer and come into the rotary charger, Then rotary charger will send the material into the extruder, After the extrusion, the material will mixed together equaly. 

Many kinds of plastic materials can be processed directly without degassing.After extrusion the material can be used to make block. 

Heating screw extruder for plastic sand composition from waste plastic HDPE LDPE PP PVC and sand

How the machine works:

1. First you can weigth each material, like we use pp mixture PE - 25 kg,filler - 25 kg, pvc dust powder PVC -15 kg,Sand - 45 kg, And you can use up to your requirement, PP ,PE PVC all are possible. .

2. Each material put into the mixer and the mixer will mix all of these material for about 10mins,  and then open the mouth on the mixer, the material will come down into the Rotary charger hopper. 

3. Rotary charger send the mixed material into the extruder feeder, When the feeder is full, the Rotary charger will stop by itself. If there is no material in the hopper, you can restart the rotary charger.

4. Then material is plasticised and degassed in the extruder screw, next the material will be plasticised and melt together in the screw, with the extrusion, the material come out.

5. After weigth the block material, then hydraulic pressre can make each kinds of blocks with its design.  

Application material and final products


Layout of the machine

sand mix waste plastic extrusion machine.jpg

Parameter of such kinds machine

Screw diameter (MM)100120130160
Main Motor (KW)5590132160
Capacity (kg/h)150~200200~250400~500700~800


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Machine details

vertical sand mixer.jpg

Mixer with Charger

All kinds of plastic and sand are mixed with each percentage by this mixer. Speial design of paddles can mix the material well.

horizontal sand mixer.jpg


There are several kinds of mixer to mix the all the material. Customer can choose which one to use.

mixed material feeder.jpg


As a special design feeding way, it can Feeder the material into the extruder evenly and stably by thress feeders. Each feeder will be controlled by inverter.

mixer extrusion.jpg

Extrusion machine

Bimetallic screw and barrel is much wearable, the extruder plastify, heating the material, so all kinds of plastic will be compounded with sand much well.

hydraulic presser.jpg

Hydraulic presser machine

With hydraulic presser, the extrusioned material can be pressed into all kinds of blocks. Different kinds of blocks use differend mould, Customer only need to give us the dimension of mould.

extrusion mixed material.jpg

Material after the extrusion

With the extrusion plastic will be melted and then all kinds of material will be compound together equally. 

plastic sand mixed bricks.jpg

Final bricks or paving tile

With the hydraulic presser machine, the material which come out from the extrusion will be pressed into different kinds of bricks or paving tile. Customers can tell us the dimension of the bricks, then we will design such dimension of mould to press the bricks.

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