Pulverilzer/miller to make plastic PP PE PVC EVA ABS PC granules or flakes into powder

Pulverilzer/miller to make plastic PP PE PVC EVA ABS PC granules or flakes into powder

Device overview

What is use of Milling Machine / Plastic Pulcerizer

The thermoplastic pulverizer machine is mainly used in producing plastic powder from plastic granules, scraps. This pvc pulverizer

has features of good-designed structure, high capacity, low noise

The Feature of Milling Machine

1. Compared with same type pulverizer machine, the capacity of this mode is higher

2. Equipped with dust collection device to reduce dust pollution.

3. Close blower for discharge can reduce labor intensity of worker

4. the cover of main machine can be opened for maintenance.

5. the cooling system of this pulverizer machine have wind cooling and water cooling, it can cool the machine body very good.

Application material and final products

granules powder.jpg

Layout of the machine

plastic miller pulverizer drawing.jpg

Parameter of such kinds machine

Mesh20~80 mesh
Main motor power (kw)303745/5555/75
Output (kg/h)100130~200200~300400~500


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Machine details

miller blade dics.jpg

Rotating balde in grinding room

PVC plastic grinder knives are generally made of 65Mn spring steel, SK5, T10, etc. Then it undergoes heat treatment until its hardness reaches HRC52-55 degrees before it can be considered successful. The PVC plastic grinding mill mainly adopts a flat knife design and is divided into a grinding movable knife and a fixed knife. 

miller fixed blade.jpg

Fixed blade in grinding machine

Generally, a pair of grinder blades has 5 blades, and is generally composed of 3 movable knives and 2 fixed knives. Then, the PVC plastic grinding motor knife rotates at high speed and the fixed knife generates shear to achieve the purpose of crushing the plastic material. The size of the crushed particles can be controlled by adjusting the PVC plastic grinding motor knife.

miller rotation blade.jpg

Blade disc

With the friction between the rotation of the movable knife and the fixed knife, the fragments are ground into powder.PE grinding mill is mainly composed of main machine, blower, ultrafineness analyzer, finished product cyclone powder collector, bag dust collector and connecting air duct, etc.

pulverizer disc.jpg

Miller or pulverizer for PVC

PVC grinding machine is a special grinding equipment. It is mainly used to grind PVC materials into fine powder for easy processing and application in subsequent processes. Its blade is special designed.This equipment can crush PVC materials into low-viscosity fine powder, which can be processed and applied more conveniently in subsequent manufacturing processes such as extrusion, film blowing, and calendering.

complete miller pulverizer.jpg

High speed miller pulverizer for PVC

In main shaft we use NSK bearings. Exhaust pipe which is connected with grinding chamber are made of 304 stainless steel. They are driven by belts and equipped with European pulleys, which are easy to disassemble and repair.

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