Recycle Plastic PP PE film bags Agglomerator machine

Recycle Plastic PP PE film bags Agglomerator machine

Device overview

This Agglomerator is used for process a waste of thermoplastic film and wall thickness of less than 2 millimeters products direct granulation equipment, which can be SOFT PVC, HDPE, LDP, LLDPE (high or low pressure polyethylene),PS(polystyrene), PP(polypropylene) and other thermoplastics waste products, and also for EPS (expanded polystyrene) waste products granulated.

Upto different material’s character, we will design the machine with defferent special mixing geometry, so that the mateial can be melted perfect.

Application material and Final products

agglomerated film.jpg

Pameter of such kinds of machine

Effective Volume(L)75150225750750
Spindle speed(RPM)10501000950375250
Motor Power(kW)22/3755759090/110
Machine weight(kg)10001200180025002600
Outline Dimension(m)1.7*0.75*1.51.7*0.85*1.52*0.85*1.62.3*0.95*1.72.3*1.1*1.75
Quantity of rotary blade22244
Quantity of stable blade66888
Blade Matrial9CrSi/SDK11
The pot body materialStainless Steel


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Machine details

blade in agglomerator.jpg

Agglomerator blade inside

As a special design, it will cut the film and bags into small piece. Meanwhile with the self-friction, the film will heat and get together to encreas its density.


More Agglomerators

More agglomerators to short the delivery time.

packing agglomerator.jpg

Machine is on loading

All the machine will be loaded into the container in good contation and will be fixed well. So that the machine won't have any breaken in transportation 

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