Shredder to crusher PP PE big bags films and PVC pipes lupmps

Shredder to crusher PP PE big bags films and PVC pipes lupmps

Device overview


1.Metal: aluminum can bundle, steel drum, car shell, color steel tile, bicycle, copper aluminum radiator, oil filter, scrap wires, cables, aluminum composite plastic panel, steel wire rope, gas tank, iron scrap, zip-top can, engine case, paint bucket, etc.

2.Plastic: plastic pallet, plastic drum, plastic bucket, plastic film, waste appliances shell, garbage plastic drum, IBC drum, IBC barrel,garbage bag, rubbish bag, plastic pipe, washing machine, forklift pallet, lead acid battery shell, etc.

3.Textile: scrap clothes, shoes, fishing net, woven bag, ton bag, jumbo bag, fishing net bundles, dust collector bag, industrial textile waste, etc.

4.Wood: wood mattress, wood furniture, wood pallet, scrap timber, sawdust chipboard, composite board, wooden door, forklift pallet, wood board, wood template, wooden case, wooden box, wood sofa, wood bed, etc.

5.Paper: scrap paper and cartons, including scrap books, carton board, carton box, packaging box, waste newspaper, office paper, printing paper, paperboard, etc.

6.Waste household appliances: TV, washing machine, refrigerator shell etc.

7. Pipes: large pipes, pipe fittings, PE pipes etc.

8.Scrap tires: car tires, truck tires etc.

9.All kinds of Kitchen waste, domestic waste, rdf derivatives, medical waste,garden waste etc.

Application material and final products

material for shredder.jpg

Layout of the machine


Parameter of such kinds machine

Diameter of rotation knive (mm)280400400
Width of main shaft (mm)6008001000
Main Motor (kw)303755
Capacity (kg/h)400~500500~600600~800


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Machine details

stable blade for shredder.jpg

Skew pusher shredder

wobide skew pusher shredder,the pusher have 15 degree angle with the level,this kind design the resistance is more smaller than horizontal pusher shredder,the shredding speed is more quickly,the capacity is 20% more than horizontal pusher shredder,And also because the knife shredding angle is different,it can shred the maerial from the top,not like horizontal pusher shredder it can shred the material only from the front,so angle pusher shredder can use for big diameter material than horizontal pusher shredder.

rotary blade.jpg

Knives on the shaft

Wobide angel pusher shredder the shredding chamber with the bracket leg is one steel panel,and the horizontal pusher shredder is separately welding,so wobide shredder is more heavy,working stable,but the separately welding shredder because of  long time shake,it is easy to open welding and damage.

shaft blade.jpg

Spindle rotor

The spindle rotor is according to different materials, the rotating knife with the “V”shape to form different rotors.

single shaft blade.jpg

Rotating knife

1. The special four-side design of the shredder  rotating knife can save the user cost by using it multiple times.

2, Imported abroad tools, to ensure that the material D2 is pure and reliable, after multiple heat treatment and vacuum deep cooling to ensure knife life.the capacity is more than 1000 tons.

fixed blade.jpg

Fixed knife

The shredder's fixed knife cutting production guarantees that the error will not exceed 5 wires, which can adjust the rotating knife and the fixed knife  distance minimum of 0.5mm. The imported materials ensure that the quality is pure and reliable. After the wear, it can be turned 180 degrees to use again.

double shaft shredder.jpg

Double Shaft Shredder

There are also double shaft shredder for big barrel,Car parts or some metal barrels or films.

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