Squeezer dryer for LDPE LLDPE HDPE PP baggs/Squeezen machine

 Squeezer dryer for LDPE LLDPE HDPE PP baggs/Squeezen machine

Device overview

Plastic Squeezen Machine for washed film, agriculatural film LDPE HDPE Nylon screw dryer machine is  mainly used for drying the film.

Working principle and application:

With the screw pressure to dewater the water from the material, Washed plastic film, agriculture film, PP woven bag, big packing bag,PE farm film,ton bags, nylon etc, can be dewater from this machine. Special designed screw and gearbox can be dry the material very well. When use this material pelletizing or granulation, the capacity will be much higher, it can dewater more than 95%-99.5%. (Up to customer requirement, the material can be plastizing or half plastizing).

Advantage of this machine

1.  Special designed screw and pressure way, can dry the material much more better than normal machine.

2.  Dewater: can be 98%

3.  Advantage technical, low power, low noise, easy to operate, safty and price resonable.

4.  This Mechnical pressure dewater, compare with hot wind dryer system, this machine can save space and power.

Application material and final products

squeezed film.jpg

Layout of the machine

plastic dryer layout.jpg

Parameter of such kinds machine

Main motor power(kW)7590110130160/200


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Machine details

squeezer die.jpg

Pelletizer die head

With door to see the inside.The cover material is stainless steel. And the die is nitrogen treatment. According to different of the matreial ,the design of the die is different.

squeezer screw and barrel.jpg

Screw and Barrel

With the  designed of screw channel deepth, the fillm or bags will be pressed with high power.

squeezer blower.jpg

Squeeze machine

The material can be plastify or half plastify.And the material come out from die can be send into the silo by blower. 

squeezer extrusion.jpg

Screw press dryer/auger dryer

We also can use a force feeder to feed the material into the machine.

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