Waste PP PE milk/oil bottles recycling washing plant

Waste PP PE milk/oil bottles recycling washing plant

Device overview

The machine is special for recycle HDPE LDPE LLDPE PP PET water bottles, milk or oil bottles , basket and so on. Waste packing material and film plastics also can be treated step by step. You can put dirty bottles, pipes or film/bags direct to wash it, after washing it you can use them to pelletize or injection or do other things.

1. The whole line flowing is : conveyer belt - crusher - Screw loader - floating - screw loader - frication machine - Screw loader - dewater - screw loader - hot pipe dryer. 

2. The capacity can be supplized accroding to your requrement, such as : 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 800kg/h, 1000kg/h,1500kg/h, 2000kg/h

3. How many parts do you need is according to your require.such as floating ,you can use one set or two sets, and also three sets, this is up to how dirty of your raw material. Of courese, you can show us your raw material, we can design the much correct machine for you according to the material situation.

4. You can choose full automatic or half-automatic line.

5. We have SGS certifcation, past CE certifcation.

6. After drying the water content can reach 5-8% (according to the thickness of film)

Application material and final products

waste ABS HIPS PE.jpg

Layout of the machine

HDPE bottles recycle plant.jpg

Parameter of such kinds machine

CapacityTotal power(kW)Labour requiredWater required(m³/h)


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Machine details

convoyer belt and crusher for film.jpg

Belt Conveyor and Crusher

The belt conveyor is used to transport the plastics to crusher. All contacted with raw material parts is made of stainless steel,and the machine controlled by inverter. If there is metal in the material, you can add one metal detector to check out the melt. And the Crusher is used to crush big bags into small size. With water inside to clean the material and cool the blade during crushing process. Different output capacity needs different type crusher.

washing float tank.jpg

Floating wahser

In floating wsasher, PP PE bottle flakes will float on the water, so the washing roller will push them to sink into the water to wash them clean. At this time,the sediment,metal and other dirty or impurity can be effectively separated and sink to the  washer bottom to drain out. The floating washer can have heating function to clean ink, oil , grease ,paper and gule on the bottle flakes.

dewater dryer.jpg

High Speed Dewater Machine

High centrifugal force will be created by advanced dewatering vibration sieve combing with horizontal-type centrifugal dewatering, then almost all of the water in the material can be threw out. The machine with Higher output and lower energy consumption. Final material humitity will be less than 8%. 

dryer with heater.jpg

Pipe Dryer And Silo

Dryer the material with hot wind and collected the material. There is a heater on the side, then the wind can be hot, blow and dryer the material again.

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