WPC wood and plastic composite and mixer granulation pelletizing machine

WPC wood and plastic composite and mixer granulation pelletizing machine

Device overview

WPC wood and plastic composite pelletizing extrusion machine line in low price, compounding wood powder with plastic and other additives, then it can be used to make floor, door, window and other parts.

1.WPC pellets plastic production line consists of  conical twin screw extruders, wind blower, crusher, wind blower and silo.

2.Twin screw and barrel with high quality alloy extrusion for pellet. each degassing with force press system, in order to press the wood go into the extruder.

3.Crusher to crush the material which come out from the extruder.

Application material and final products

WPC material.jpg

Layout of the machine

WPC extrusion layout.jpg

Parameter of such kinds machine


Screw diameter (MM)21.735.650.562.471.291
Extruder speed (RPM)600400400/600400/500500/600500/600
Main Motor Power (KW)411/1537/45


Capacity (KG)2~1010~8080~150250~400350~500800~1000


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Machine details

force feeder.jpg

Extruder  Feeder

Special design of feeder can feed the material into the extruder equally. Double motor, one is used to feed the material and the other is for mixing, so that the material in the hopper won't stick together. Meanwhile there also can use a force feeder to feed the material. So that all material can be feeded into the extruder

twin screw extrusion.jpg


Twin screw extrusion machine can compound the material much evenly.And also can feed some color in the machine to change the color of the material, then the final pellets can used to make differ kinds of board.

twin screw and barrel.jpg

Screw and Barrel

There are degassing part on the machine. And different screw combination can plastify the material well.

plastic crusher.jpg


Plastify material come out from the extrusion will be send to the crusher to make small pellets. The screen net in the crusher can controlled the size of the final pellets.

two step transmission.jpg

Wind Transmission System

Double wind transmission, and the machine also can be put in a three step wind transmission to cuter or cool the pellets.


PLC screen touch electric controller

Total machine line will be controlled by electric cabinet, and operat by button on the cabinet or by PLC screen touch. And screen touch also can be moved. You can operate the machine at any place you want.

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