Applications for PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) recycling and Polyester fabric

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PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a common plastic material that is transparent, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and recyclable. Therefore, PET can be used in a wide variety of applications. PET can be treated and processed in a variety of ways after recycling. The following are some common uses of PET after recycling:

1. Manufacturing regenerated fiber: The recycled PET bottles are made into PET particles through our company's extruder, and then recycled polyester fiber is manufactured through the spinning process. These recycled fibers are widely used in home textiles such as curtains, clothing, automotive interiors, carpets and industrial ropes.

2. Make recycled PET bottles: PET bottles are one of the most common PET plastic applications. After make the recycled PET into pellets, it can be used to make bottles again. These recycled PET bottles are widely used in the beverage industry.

3. Producing industrial containers and packaging: Recycled PET can be used to manufacture various industrial containers and packaging, such as chemical containers, bottle nozzles, and food packaging boxes.

4. Make fiber filling materials: Recycled PET bottles, polyester fabric can be processed into fiber filling materials for filling cushions, toys, furniture and car seats, cushions, car fronts, door panels, etc.

5. Making plastic-wood profile: Mixing recycled PET with other materials (such as wood flour, cellulose, etc.) can make plastic-wood. This material has a wide range of applications in outdoor patio furniture, sunshades, flower pots, etc.

6. Making PET film: Recycled PET can also be used to make various films, such as video packaging film, pharmaceutical packaging film, electronic product protective film, etc.

7. Making fiberboard: PET fiberboard can be made by mixing recycled PET with other fillers and binders. These materials are widely used in construction and furniture manufacturing fields 

8. Making PET fiber pipes: Recycled PET can be extruded to produce PET fiber pipes, which are used for the protection and transportation of wires and cables.

9. Manufacturing PET foam, thermal insulation materials: PET foam can be made after mixing recycled PET with foaming agents. This foam is widely used in packaging materials, electronic product protection materials, and construction and automotive industries. It can also make thermal insulation materials. Such as insulation panels, insulation foam, wall insulation materials,etc.

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Polyester fabric is a chemical fiber clothing fabric that is widely used in daily life. Its biggest advantage is that it has good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, so it is suitable for outerwear, various types of bags, tents and other outdoor products. When polyester fabrics become a widely used material in daily life, their recycling becomes crucial. As a sustainable development initiative, the recycling of polyester fabrics not only helps reduce resource waste, but also reduces environmental pollution. We are committed to promoting and practicing the recycling of polyester fabrics. By reusing discarded polyester fabrics, we extend their service life and reduce the negative impact on the environment. Join us in our efforts to create a more sustainable future for our planet. Here are some common recycled uses of polyester fabrics:

1. Processed into new fibers:recycled Polyester fabric can be made into new fibers,which can be used to produce different types of fabrics, textiles, weaves and piles for game balls .etc.

2. Make industrial supplies: recycled polyester fabric can also be processed into industrial supplies, such as dust-proof cloth, waterproof cloth, industrial filters, etc. These industrial products can be used in construction, automobile, machinery, chemical and other industries due to their good strength, wear resistance and other properties. In this way, not only can costs be reduced, but a large amount of energy and raw materials can be saved, and environmental pollution can also be reduced.

3. Filler: recycled Polyester fabric can also be made into various fillings, such as car seat fillings, sofa cushion fillings, etc. Because polyester is light, strong, bendable, wear-resistant, and has low compression deformation, the filling made from it can make the seat or sofa softer and more comfortable, and increase its service life.

4. Other products: recycled polyester fabric scraps can also be reused in other ways. For example, it can be processed into outdoor equipment, household items, etc. Outdoor equipment made of polyester fabric is very popular among sports enthusiasts because of its lightness, durability, and ease of drying and wetting. The made household items, such as tablecloths, curtains, pillows, quilts, etc., have good texture and aesthetic effect. 

In short, PET and polyester fabric can be processed and treated in a variety of ways after recycling, and it has a wide range of uses. Through recycling and reuse, the demand for natural resources can be reduced, environmental pollution can be reduced, and more economic value can be created.

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