SJ200-200 HDPE mother and baby two stage extruder granulation loading

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On 3rd March 2024, a sunny morning. Our workers sweat profusely as they load the SJ200-200 mother and baby two stage extruder granulator machine into the container. Dressed in bright work uniforms, they systematically use the forklift and the Driving together to place each parts of the machine inside the containers carefully. Every movement showcases their professional skills and teamwork. Each parts of the machine are stacked in an orderly manner, creating a bustling yet organized scene. Their seamless coordination makes the entire process resemble a precise dance. We are proud of our attentiveness on packaging and loading. 


Our SJ200-200 single-screw double-stage granulator is mainly suitable for granulating solid materials (crushed plastic flakes) and materials with a bulk density of 0.1--0.3g/l(such as squeezed plastic film); it can process PE, PP, PS, PVC, ABS, PA, PC, PET.etc. Our two screw extruder/double stage extruder granulator is characterized by being suitable for materials with more impurities, higher moisture content and large output. It also can come with a forced feeder on the top or on the side to feed the material into the extruder by force press. Sometimes customer want to fill different kinds of material into the extruder to compound them together, then we can two or three feeder on the top of on the side to feed all of these material together or at different time.

This is our one of the biggest machine, and its capacity can be 800-1000kg/h. As one of professional plastic recycle granulation machine manufacture, we can be a trusted lifelong partner for all our customers.

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