Causes and solves of sudden emergency stop of the extruder

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Causes and solves of sudden emergency stop of the extruder-2

I, Common causes of sudden emergency stops of extruders

1. Material feeding problem: caused by unstable feeding of the extruder or interference from external factors, such as temperature, humidity, etc., may cause the extruder to suddenly stop in an emergency.

2. Electricity problem: Extruder circuit failure is also one of the common causes. For example, an overload protector may trigger an extruder emergency shutdown to prevent the machine from damaged.

3. Poor lubrication: The extruder needs to be well lubricated. If there is poor lubrication or insufficient oil in extruder parts, it will increase the wear of parts and cause the machine to shut down in an emergency.

II, Solution to sudden emergency stop of extruder

1. Check the feeding system: Check whether the feeding system is working properly and clean the feeding port to ensure smooth material feeding.

2. Check the circuit system: Check whether the circuit system is overloaded or short-circuited, repair or replace damaged parts, and ensure smooth circuit operation.

3. Improve lubrication: increase the amount of lubricating oil, replace lubricating oil regularly, and add lubricants to ensure good lubrication of extruder parts.

III, Attention

1. Pre-operation inspection: Before each extruder is started, the working status and lubrication condition of each system must be checked to ensure that the machine can operate stably.

2. Safe operation: When using the extruder, be sure to pay attention to safe operation to avoid dangerous accidents that may lead to emergency shutdown of the machine.

3. Maintenance: Regularly maintain the extruder, clean dust and debris, and check whether the parts are working properly to improve the wear resistance and the life of the machine.

With all above method, the problem of sudden emergency stop of the extruder can be effectively solved and the production efficiency can be improved.

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