SJ140-140 two stage extrusion granulation loading

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two stage extruder

After the machine was successfully debugged, the customer was very satisfied with it and immediately paid besides arranged shipment.

On 23th Otc, 2023, we load the machine. Today is the coldest day of this year. Although it is freezing cold outside, our workers are still very enthusiastic about loading the machine.

Our workers are specialized in loading machine because they are all trained professional in machinery handing, not only for oversea container loading process, but also for domestic wall-mounted trucks handling. We use specialized forklift and follow industry best practices to avoid any risk of damage during transit.

Before sealing the container, we will double check whether all parts are loaded into the container through the list and physical objects.Meanwhile We will use professional fixing straps or fixing wires including custom crating, securing straps and cushioning materials to safeguard every component of the machine, in case the machine will move or colliding during transportation.

After shipping the machine, we our service department will prepare all the necessary shipping documents, including the bill of lading, invoice, packing list together with some other certification documents. So that our customer can streamline the customs process and ensure a smooth delivery.

We are proud of our attentiveness on packaging and loading. Eeery aspect of the machine will be packed and fixed with precision, minimizing any risk of damage and ensuring that the machine reaches the customer in the same pristine condition as when it left our factory.

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packing the machine