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As we all know, Polypropylene (PP) has a relatively high viscosity and is not suitable for water-ring hot die face pelletizing when making pellets. Even use the under water pelletizing system. So normally it will use pull strap(like noodles) pelletizing way. If you really want to use hot die face cutting system, here are some advice:

  1. The capacity of the machine should be less then 100-200kg/h.

  2. The holes in the die face should be half of normal, we can use around 14 holes in the die.

  3. The speed of the rotation cutter should be higher than 1000RPM, it's better to reach 1500RPM.

  4. The water for cooling the die, it's the colder the better. The water should be cooled by cooling tower or chiller. And the angle of the blade should be set at the correct place, so that the pellets can be flushed away when the pellets come out from the die.


According to our more than 20 years of experience regarding plastic recycling granulation machine, it is best to use strand granulation to make pure polypropylene materials to avoid the pellets sticking together in the future.

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