Successfully Completes Commissioning of PP HDPE LD

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Successfully Completes Commissioning of PP HDPE LDPE FILM NON WOVEN BAGS recycling washing and squeezer machine.

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On 2nd June, JORBIN MACHINERY announced the successful commissioning of a custom-built waste plastic pp pe film bags recycling washing and squeezer machine at the client's site. The successful commissioning of this equipment marks that JORBIN MACHINERY has stepped onto a new level in customized equipment manufacturing and technical services, while providing strong support for improving customers' production efficiency.

The custom equipment was designed and developed according to the specific requirements of the client, incorporating the latest intelligent control systems and high-precision processing technology to fully meet their needs for automated and efficient production. The successful commissioning of this equipment marks a significant upgrade in the client's production line modernization.At the same time,at the same time it also give a great helpful to the operation of the customer's new factory.

The head of our Ecuadorian customer expressed his high recognition for the customized equipment and excellent performance provided by JORBIN MACHINERY. He pointed out that this customized equipment not only improved production efficiency, but also significantly improved the quality consistency of products, which won more advantages for the company in the fierce market competition.

JORBIN MACHINERY will use this success as a foundation to further deepen its cooperative relationship with clients and continually improve product technology and service quality. Looking ahead, we will continue to lead industry technological advancements and strive to provide more high-quality, efficient customized production equipment for clients worldwide, to satisfied with all of our client, and give them high quality customized designed machinery.


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