SJ150 HDPE single stage extrusion granulation loading

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Chinese Spring Festival holidays just pasted, and we are back to work. We immediately arranged delivery the machine to customers. Our workers are very enthusiastic about their work. All of us loaded the machine very carefully and packed each parts of the machine securely to prevent the equipment from being bumped during transportation.

Because all of our workers are all trained professional in machinery handing, and we use specialized forklift and follow industry best practices to avoid any risk of damage during transit.

We are proud of our attentiveness on packaging and loading. Wish our customer can get the machine soon and take big profit for him. We are always online to help any of our customer to solve any problem on machine installing and running.

This is SJ150 single screw extrusion granulation machine plant. It can recycle HDPE LDPE PP bottles, basket, hollow container, buckets, desks, chairs,car parts flakes, battery plastic boxes and other High density polypropylene. The machine can make granules about 400-500kg/h. We can be a reliable supplier who can supply PLASTIC GRANULATION LINE, plastic recycling line, plastic extrusion line to recycle waste plastic. Let's be a good partner in future.

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